Love, Female Samurai Digital Art 2021 - Chisa Coeg

Love, Female Samurai Digital Art 2021

 A - collection of female samurai art digital wallpaper. You have to download and make your phone screen wallpaper.

The latest wallpapers of the Female Samurai Digital Art 2020 you'll love

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Love, Female Samurai Digital Art 2021

Facts About Female Samurai

A 12th-century warrior from feudal Japan, Tomoe Gozen has become truly legendary for her heroic feats in the Genpei War. Not only was Tomoe the lover of warlord Minamoto no Yoshinaka, she was also his right-hand woman in battle, a role that earned her a fierce reputation as one of the rare onna musha—a woman who participated in offensive combat.

Since she lived almost 1,000 years ago, we don’t know many certain facts about Tomoe—not even her birth or death dates. But colorful stories have been passed down, weaving a rich legend that has been used to create characters in popular manga, like Usagi Yojimbo and Samurai Deeper Kyo – as well as in the fantasy series The Tomoe Gozen Saga by Jessica Salmonson, in which Tomoe is the powerful heroine.

Tomoe is credited with many incredible feats, including collecting the heads of seven mounted warriors at the 1181 Battle of Yokotagawara. Three years later, at the Battle of Awazu, Yoshinaka knew they were about to be defeated by the Taira and ordered Tomoe to retreat. But before doing so, Tomoe rode directly into a pack of 30 Taira warriors and beheaded one of their most powerful fighters, famed strongman Onda no Hachiro, thereby securing her honor.

Now that you have a sense of what the great Tomoe Gozen was capable of, read through the statements below and see if you can decipher which come from Japanese historical legend – and which were invented centuries later for storylines in manga.

Source : Chisa

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